Book of Mormon
Lesson 30
“The Great Plan of Happiness”

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will help us gain a greater understanding of life after death and the mercy that is available to us through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Scripture references for study:  Alma 40–42
    Note: Underlined scripture references have been hyperlinked to the LDS Scriptures at and will open in a new window.

Lesson 30 Handout (PDF format)

Alma 40

  1. Introduction.
  2. Alma continues to teach Corianton.
  3. Some principles of the resurrection:
  4. The time between death and resurrection.
  5. The Doctrine of Resurrection.

Alma 41

  1. READ ALMA 41:10-11.

Alma 42

  1. READ ALMA 42:2-5.
  2. READ ALMA 42:16-21.
  3. "And now, my son, I desire that ye should let these things trouble you no more, and only let your sins trouble you, with that trouble which shall bring you down unto repentance."
  4. (Alma 42:29)
  5. After receiving this counsel from his father, Corianton repented and returned to missionary service. As we follow God's commandments and repent of our sins, we are able to partake of the mercy that is available through the Savior's atonement.

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

  1. Record your thoughts on the teachings of Alma to his son Corianton. What insights have you gained from studying Alma's teachings? What meaning to they have in your life?

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