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A Thought

The passage of time dims our memories and diminishes our appreciation for those who walked the path of pain, leaving behind a tear-marked trail of nameless graves. But what of today’s challenge? Are there no rocky roads to travel, no rugged mountains to climb, no chasms to cross, no trails to blaze, no rivers to ford? Or is there a very present need for that pioneer spirit to guide us away from the dangers that threaten to engulf us, and lead us to a Zion of safety?

- Thomas S. Monson

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 38 - In Mine Own Way
Developing spiritual and temporal self-reliance. Independent of the world - notes from Church history, including the development of the welfare program.

Lesson 37 - We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet
The need for a living prophet. Latter-day prophets - from Joseph Smith to Heber J. Grant.

Lesson 36 - The Desert Shall Rejoice, and Blossom as the Rose
The work of building the Kingdom of God in the west begins. Brigham Young's return to Winter Quarters. The first winters in the Great Basin. Gold in California. The Perpetual Emigrating Company.

Lesson 35 - A Mission of Saving
The Martin and Willie handcart companies. The rescue of the handcart companies. We are rescued by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 34 - Faith in Every Footstep - Section 136
The exodus from the eastern states: the ship Brooklyn to California and the Mississippi Company of Saints. The Mormon Battalion. Word and wiill of the Lord concerning the Camp of Israel. The 1847 trek west.

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