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The Gospel Doctrine Class

LDS Internet Links

Official Church Websites


Official Site: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Information about the Church and its beliefs

General Conference

Proceedings of General Conferences - print, audio & video

Church Music

Music resources and learning materials

Church News

Weekly Church news from around the world


The official resource for news media, opinion leaders and the public


Online shopping at the LDS Distribution Center

Provident Living

Welfare resources and help for living a provident life

LDS Charities

To help make a difference in people's lives.

Tabernacle Choir

Official web site of the Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square

LDS Media

Mormon Channel

Official radio station of the Church

Broadcast Events

Church broadcast events and audio/video archives

BYU Television

BYU and LDS programing available over the Internet

BYU Radio

LDS music, along with BYU and LDS programming

Mormon Channel

LDS videos on YouTube

Mormon Newsroom

LDS Public Affairs videos on YouTube


Speeches at BYU: text, MP3s, Podcasts & more

Your LDS Radio

Your home on the internet for the best in LDS radio

Church Magazines

Ensign, Liahona, New Era, Friend

LDS Today

Links to news stories about the Church and its members

Mormon Times

Deseret News website dedicated to stories about members of the Church


Create and share your media talents: photos, videos, music, and more

LDS Media Talk

Sharing technology ideas for LDS parents and youth

Gospel Study & Teaching

LDS Scriptures

The Standard Works with study helps

JS Translation - Bible

Inspired Version of the Bible posted by Centerplace.org

LDS Lesson Manuals

Lesson manuals and teaching resources

LDS Media

Video, audio, and images

Church History

Church history information at LDS.org

Scripture/Conference Index

Scripture links to General Conference talks, Journal of Discourses, Teachings - Joseph Smith


Seminaries and Institutes - Includes guides and manuals

Book of Mormon Central

To increase understanding and faithful engagement with the Book of Mormon

Gospel Doctrine.com

Commentary on the scriptures

Gospel Doctrine.net

Links to web sites supporting the Gospel Doctrine Class

American Prophet

PBS documentary on Joseph Smith

Mormon History Association

Dedicated to the study and understanding of all aspects of Mormon history

Funtastic Home Evenings

Resources for family home evening


LDS Clipart, Object Lessons, & Gifts

Mormon Fundamentalism

Examination of the teachings and doctrines of Mormon Fundamentalism

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Information about Joseph Smith’s plural marriage practices and teachings

Defending the Faith

Fair Mormon

Answers to criticisms of LDS doctrine, belief and practice

Neil A Maxwell Institute

Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship

Mormon Scholars Testify

LDS scholars express their views and feelings about the Gospel

Book of Mormon Evidences

Evidence supporting the authenticity of the Book of Mormon


Responses to issues raised by critics of Church

Ancient America

Evidence supporting the authenticity of the Book of Mormon

Misc Websites for Latter-day Saints

Meridian Magazine

Wonderful online magazine for Latter-day Saints

The Cumorah Project

International Resources for Latter-day Saints

LDS Church Temples

Information about temples of the LDS Church

Missionary Moms

The Missionary Mom's Page (for missionary dads also)

Times & Seasons

A latter-day blog site

Nauvoo Times

LDS Commentary



Official website of Brigham Young University

BYU Idaho

Official website of BYU Idaho - Rexburg campus

BYU Hawaii

Official website of BYU Hawaii - Laie campus


Southern Virginia University - serving the LDS community since 1996

Independent Study

BYU distance education program that offers hundreds of courses

Free Web Courses

Free web courses from BYU: scriptures, genealogy, music, etc.


Family Search

LDS genealogical website


Genealogical help and databases

Cyndi’s List

A list of thousands of genealogical websites

Non-LDS Links

The Mormons

Homepage for the landmark PBS series on the LDS Church

Bible History Online

Bible history info, study tools, maps, and more

Bible Places

Photographs and descriptions of of Biblical sites

Catholic Encyclopedia

Information on everything related to the Catholic faith

Judaism 101

An online encyclopedia about the Jewish faith

Religious Studies Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Teachers of Religious Studies

Community of Christ

Website of the former Reorganized Church

Restoration Church

Official website of the Restoration LDS Church


Deseret Book

Largest of the LDS bookstores and publishers

Seagull Book & Tape

Discounted LDS books and recordings


Scriptorian: The software that helps you memorize scriptures